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Streamlining Growing and Distribution

Whether your business is just taking off or you need to streamline you’re growing or distribution process, our team of design engineers can provide the resources and solutions you need. From conception through planning, purchasing and implementation, Woulf Warehouse Automation helps companies get orders out fast and accurately. Our track record for system design, implementation, and continued support makes seemingly insurmountable tasks possible and profitable.

The multifaceted team at Woulf is here to provide customer equipment specific to your company’s needs. Our staff provides the solutions to save your company time and money. 

Logistical Engineering

Warehousing Systems Design and Integration

Warehouse Automation

Logistical Design In the Intermountain West

Woulf Warehouse Automation is located in Utah and we’ve been a leader in logistical engineering, warehouse design, custom fabrication, and systems integration for many years. When you partner with Woulf you receive the greatest expertise in warehousing solutions. We specialize in comprehensive analysis of your business that will enable us to design a custom infrastructure solution for you, unlocking your business to grow rapidly, and smooth out many of the growing pains that every fast growing business that manufactures or warehouses product experiences.  

We are an industry leader with over 50 years of combined experience in warehouse design, layout, equipment sourcing, and logistical engineering. Our services are offered throughout the intermountain west.


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